Revealing Shortcomings: Bührle Foundation's Provenance Research Report

Revealing Shortcomings: Bührle Foundation's Provenance Research Report June 28, 2024


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Bührle Foundation
Bührle Foundation


A recent report has found significant shortcomings in the provenance research conducted by the Bührle Foundation. The Art Newspaper's article, published on June 28, 2024, highlights these deficiencies, raising concerns about the foundation's practices. Read the full article

Key Findings of the Report

The report, commissioned by the Zurich-based foundation itself, concluded that the provenance research was not thorough enough. It identified gaps in the documentation of the foundation's collection, particularly regarding artworks acquired during the Nazi era. This raises ethical and legal questions about the ownership history of these pieces.

Implications of Inadequate Provenance Research

The findings have significant implications for the art world. Inadequate provenance research can lead to the retention of looted or stolen art, undermining trust in art institutions. It also raises concerns about compliance with international standards and laws governing the acquisition and ownership of art.

Steps Towards Improvement

In response to the report, the Bührle Foundation has pledged to enhance its provenance research efforts. This includes more rigorous documentation processes and collaboration with external experts to verify the history of their collection. Such steps are crucial to restoring confidence among the public and the art community.


The Art Newspaper article underscores the importance of thorough provenance research in maintaining the integrity of art collections. The Bührle Foundation's commitment to improving its practices is a positive step towards addressing the issues identified in the report. For more detailed information, you can read the full article Read the full article.